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Let’s do the groceries…

Let’s do the groceries…

Hello, my friends! I hope you are adjusting and feeling comfortable in Canada. Today I am going to tell you about where it is better to shop and how to save money while you are doing your groceries.

According to the research average Canadian family of four spends around 700$ on food per month. As I am a student and I do not have too much time to cook, I spend around 100-150$ on my groceries. But it depends on when and where to shop.

There are many supermarkets in Canada, that differ in price and target a different audience. As for me, the best store is Walmart. You can find anything you want there ( food, clothes, furniture, things for house, pharmacy, electronics, etc.) This huge store is

Food and Vegetables

located in every city. The prices are very affordable and they have a lot of sales all the time. I also like NoFrills, Food Basics, and FreshCo  (they have all kinds of fruit and vegetables, a lot of Asian and Indian food).

Zehrs and Sobeys are quite expensive, high-end stores. They have all kinds of cheese and meet. So if you are planning fancy dinner, go for groceries there.

Dollarama is like a candy store for a child. You can find there all necessary things for you, your house and your school for 1$, 2$, 3$.

Tip: Every week there is a flyer with all the sales that is going on in stores. So I will tell you how it works. You don’t need to go from shop to shop buying things that are on sale. You can just take your flyer to any shop, take anything that on sale, and show the flyer. The cashier will adjust all the prices from other supermarkets, in case it is better price. So you can save money and time!